Welcome! The New England InterClub Council is an association of figure skating clubs who individually belong to U.S. Figure Skating headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
The purposes and objectives of the Council are:
* to improve, encourage and advance figure skating in all its branches
* to provide a forum for the exchange of information among its member clubs
* to provide a means for cooperative activities such as competitions, judges and accountant schools, club education seminars and the publishing and dissemination of information.

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Webmaster Note: Updates to the NEICC website rely on member clubs sharing information they would like in the public domain.  Whether it's a club activity, a show, test session, fund raiser or significant local club event, the NEICC website is willing to help promote it!! 

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Aldo Constantino Scholarship applications are available. Due date is April 30th >>>


NAFSC posted Skating Coordinator positions >>>


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Results have posted to the Reults page from the comeptiton >>>

Results have posted for the current High School series standings >>>

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New Spring events include Compete with US, OPens & Test sessions. Check the calendar Now >>>
North Shore Open Dates are on the June Northeast Theatre on Ice Festival application
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